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Genealogist And Family Historian with extensive Family History Experience. We find your Ancestors plus interesting facts such as where they were born, the ship that brought them to Australia and more. Contact Bruce to have him start researching your Family Tree today

Extensive Resources

We have an extensive range of resources to ensure we find the most information about your Ancestors in the shortest possible time frame.

Research Packages to suit any Budget

We can research a specific person, event, any family line or your entire Family Tree. We can display your Family Tree with many reports and can even produce a Family Tree book for you.

We help you in every way

We will post helpful blog entries to help you understand the complexities of Family Tree research.

Our team work with you

First, we will ask questions to understand your goals. Second, we will record what you already know about your family. Then we will start our research to find more about your Ancestors.

  • Research Packages to suit any Budget

    We have various options to ensure there is a package to suit your needs. We will research a little more about a particular relative or we can discover your whole Family Tree. We offer a free consultation so you understand the process and select the best package for your requirements.

  • We produce many formats of Charts, Reports and even a complete Family Tree Book

    Once we have recorded your family tree, we can then produce a wide range of reports in many different formats. These include Pedigree Charts, Ancestor Charts, Descendant Charts, Circle Charts, Wall Charts and even Family Tree Books.

  • We can demystify your DNA test results for you

    Many companies offer DNA tests which are becoming very popular, however most people have no idea how to interpret the complex data. We can assist you to better understand your DNA test results and help you to contact other living relatives.

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    Reviews of our Research


    Since I met Roy Inwood I have been quietly writing his history for him and working on his family tree. I had done what I thought was a lot but when I met Bruce and saw his resources and the products he could produce I was blown away. He is indeed the master. He has boundless enthusiasm and is very careful with the detail. Thank you Bruce.

    Barbara Inwood, Boodua QLD

    I found Bruce to be extremely talented in this field and he definitely goes the 'extra mile'. He is so enthusiastic and has so much knowledge, nothing seems impossible for Bruce, that is for sure. Thanks Bruce!

    Marea Gray. Brisbane

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      Toowoomba Markets – Mill Precinct, Ruthven Street (near new Bunnings)

      Sunday 20th January – A smaller crowd in attendance but the interest in Family History kept me very busy. Lots of questions about DNA and some more about Aboriginal Family History research. The Lucky Winner of …

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      German letters with diacritic marks are often alphabetized as though they were a, o, u, and ss.
      However, many dictionaries and gazetteers will alphabetize these characters as if they were ae, oe, ue, and ss.
      Because spelling rules were not standardized in earlier centuries, spelling variations are …

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      There are often times when a family story can be proven to be incorrect by an official document. There are also times when a family story can prove that an official document is for the wrong individual.
      As an example, a date of birth can sometimes …

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      We have all found the problem where a person changed their name, whether that is as simple as a nickname of “Jack’ instead of the given name of ‘John’ or something more difficult like a change of surname. The question is, what do we do …

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      Family History research can be mostly about the past, researching ancestors who have died. The usual method is to start with yourself, your parents, and work back through your pedigree to find your Great Grandparents. Once you have found them, then you can work back …

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