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Extra Products

Once we have done the research, you will then want to display the results in many different formats.

Family Tree Search offer many ‘extra products’ that can make fantastic gifts for other family members so they make excellent gifts for every generation.

We offer wonderful options such as :-

  • Pedigree Charts that show the direct ancestors of a particular person. This can show the name and dates of you, your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc
  • Ancestor Charts that show results similar to a Pedigree Chart but can also include the siblings of your ancestors (Uncles and Aunts etc)
  • Descendant Charts that show the children of individual, the spouses of their children, their grandchildren, the spouses of their grandchildren, their great grandchildren, etc
  • Circle Charts that show descendants of an individual in a circular format
  • and more

Extra Products

Family Surname Origin Certificate    POA

Colour A4 Certificate with Coat of Arms and

description of Origin of Surname


How to record your Life Story    POA

 A4 Starter kit with easy to follow guide lines


Pedigree Chart*    POA

Diagram of Direct Line Ancestors


Descendant Chart *    POA

A4 Booklet with Descendant List of Ancestors

including an Alphabetical name index


Birthday and Anniversary Calendar *    POA

A4 Bound calendar of Birthdays and Anniversaries


Wall Chart (813mm x 1189mm) *    POA

Huge laminated colour wall chart customised with your choice of Reports such as Pedigree Chart,

Ancestor Chart with siblings, Descendant Chart with or without Siblings, Circle Chart and many more


Family History Book *Ω    POA

A4 Professionally bound book with easy to follow

contents page, charts, lists, photos etc plus an

alphabetical index of all names and places for quick reference


 Buy 2 copies of the same product and get the third copy Free


*These products NOT available with Discovery Package

Ω Family Tree Book ONLY available with Origin Package


 Prices as at March 2018.

Subject to change without notice.