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What Charts are available?

Recording the names, dates, and relationships of your family tree is important but we need to be mindful of the best possible way to provide these details to other people. I have been a long-time user of a software package called “Charting Companion” produced by Pierre Clouthier from Progeny Genealogy. CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS WEBSITE

I can highly recommend his software as it can extend the range of charts and reports available from almost all of the major software packages available, such as Ancestry.com, Ancestral Quest, Family Tree Maker FTM, Legacy, Personal Ancestral File PAF, Roots Magic, and any GEDCOM file (GEnealogy Data COMmunication file)

Below is a Circle Chart, which is an excellent way to present a lot of detailed information on a relatively small wall chart, well, a smaller chart than would be possible with a box chart style.
These Circle Charts start at a person in the inner circle and list their spouse/spouses in the next ring. Children to this couple/s are listed in the next circle out and spouses of the children are in the next ring, and so it goes on.

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